Thanksgiving Day Gathering at the Hanalei Pier

In the beautiful spirit of Thanksgiving the community gathered at Hanalei Pier to meet and discuss how to clean up the waterways in Hanalei River & Bay, especially in the aftermath of the April 2018 floods.  At the meeting, one of the participants spoke about a new technology, a digital sensor that floats on the water and has the ability to detect all types of bacteria at all depths.  Other strategies to address pollution in Hanalei River & Bay were also discussed.  The group committed to meeting again to discuss strategies to raise funding to pilot projects that will help with water clean up and remediation in Hanalei and other areas around Kauai.  Some in the group believe that these types of new technology could eventually solve many of the cesspool problems, as well as other issues associated with our island waterways.  We look forward to growing this group to include others on Kauai who are concerned about the impact of the pollution in our streams, rivers, and bays.  Imua!