Kupaa Kamawaelulani – Keauhou (new beginnings)

Pictured: Kamealoha, Gemma, & Addison at the Lihi in Kapaa on Friday, 10.22.20, We were just welcoming an Ole Moon so ocean conditions were kaikoo (rough) and the tide, kai pii (rising tide)

Keauhou (new beginnings) – the HANALEI River Heritage Foundation recently started a new project, Kupaa Kamawaelulani. For this project, we are taking a basic biodiversity & cultural inventory of various coves/waterways around Kauai and are developing an online educational tool that can be accessed by local schools to facilitate na haumana (students) understanding of the kai regions of the ahupuaa (marine environment). We are aiming to connect modern biological understanding of biodiversity with Ike Kupuna or traditional Hawaiian understandings of environmental indicators such as Kaulana Mahina (lunar phases). Aiding in this effort are two Earth Law Center Fellows, Gemma Shepherd & Addison Luck, recent environmental studies graduates from Yale University. We look forward to engaging with students, educators, and others about our work!

Example of the education tool’s page for Ahihi Point. This is only a screenshot of what the project looks like. In the real version, students will be able to click on and explore each circle. For example, when a student clicks on the Na Ia/Fish circle, he/she will be able to explore the various fish at Ahihi Point, as well as their biology and cultural significance.