Cultural-Based Stewardship

Our goal in this area is to introduce the community to traditional knowledge land and ocean resource management practices based on the Hawaiian concept of the ahupuaa. We host Aloha Aina classes once a month in the Hanalei area, where we learn different aspects of Hawaiian culture, related to stewardship practices. In these classes we learn the cycles of the moon, the sun, the rain, and the movement of water as it impacts fishing, planting, and gathering practices. We also work with agencies and organizations to encourage the use of traditional knowledge in modern day agriculture and aquaculture. We encourage kamaaina (community), malihini (newcomers) alike to come spend time with us to learn about traditional sustainable practices. Aloha Aina also includes classes and workshops for Youth in Culture-based Environmental Stewardship, Traditional Hawaiian Canoe Sailing, and other traditional arts and practices.