December – Makali’i/Hilina Ehu


In the heart of Ho’oilo, December is known for big waves and is the rainiest month in Hawai’i.

Kaiʻa kāohi aho o na kai uli
The fish of the deep that pulls the line taut 

This saying refers to the ‘ulua (Giant Trevally) as well as strong young men. ‘Ulua spawn in December, so it is advised to release them when caught..

‘Ulua, Giant Trevally. Source:, The Garden Island

Naueue ka hi’u o ka i’a lewa i ke kai
The tails of the fish that move in the sea tremble

December also marks the start of the kapu (forbidden) season for the ʻama’ama (striped mullet). The ‘ama‘ama adults spawn in the open ocean where the salinity and temperature are good for their newly hatched fish.

‘Ama’ama (Striped Mullet). Source:

Sources: Project Kāhea Loko – A Teacher’s Guide to Hawaiian Fishponds; 2016 Hawaiian Lunar Calendar (Classroom edition) by Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council