March – Nana/Hulipau


March is the month when the spring equinox, the Mauiili o ke Kupulau, occurs. This is when the sun rises directly in the east and sets directly in the west. March is also when thousands of juvenile ‘ama’ama appear in schools along river-mouths (muliwai). The kapu on catching ‘ama’ama is lifted this month, and many Hawaiians would use the month to stock their fishponds with the striped mullet.

O Nana ka mālama; momona ka pāpaʻi
March is the month; the crabs are fat

In March, female crabs carry eggs on the underside of their abdomen. Thus, it is best to look at crabs’ undersides before taking them. Crabs with eggs should be released so the babies can hatch. 

Crab carrying eggs. Source: The Washington Post

Sources: Project Kāhea Loko – A Teacher’s Guide to Hawaiian Fishponds; 2016 Hawaiian Lunar Calendar (Classroom edition) by Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council