URGENT! Heavy Metals in the Hanalei River

To our Hanalei River heritage Supporters and supporters and Hanalei River Family, due to the discovery of the extremely high levels of Heavy Metals in the Hanalei River sediment, the Foundation has redirected their efforts to focus 100% on these disturbing facts.

After many months of review and further testing, the Hanalei River Heritage Foundation has decided to proceed by requesting the EPA declare the Hanalei River and the Hanalei Bay a superfund site and initiate a clean up program immediately.

Please continue to stay tuned to our Blog and web site for further updates and information.

Please take a look at these reports concerning the heavy metals in the Hanalei River & Bay:

Heavy Metal Video & Reports

Please take a look at these reports concerning the heavy metals in the Hanalei River & Bay:


The Hanalei River Heritage Foundation is an Hawai’i-based non-profit organization (NPO). Founded in 2009, HRHF is dedicated to the preservation of Hawai’i’s coral reefs, protection of native species, supporting positive watershed and marine eco-systems for sea life and humans, restoring the Biology and Biota and bio-remediating selected properties and projects throughout the Hawaiian Islands, marine-based education (K through University level) and community-based environmental programs.

This foundation is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the native coastal ecosystems of Hawaii, and educating our current and future leaders to provide responsible stewardship of our islands. We are based on the north shore of Kauai in Hanalei.


One of the Foundation’s goals is to provide facilities and programs for youth from the Hawaiian Islands and outside of Hawai’i to learn ocean skills, safety, canoe and wayfaring knowledge, archeoastronomy, marine biology, and the inter-relationship of the Hawaiian Ahupuaa with modern life. We want to provide opportunity for students to be actively involved with their environment; to observe the environmental consequences of human actions as well as offer them opportunity to participate in finding ways to minimize the negative effects.


We are working on a school curriculum for interested schools/teachers including a teacher training program. The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), the County of Kaua’i, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the US Fish and Wildlife Service have used our underwater research and education to benefit their regulatory compliance for the County of Kaua’i. The public in Kaua’i and across the Hawaiian Island chain has been educated by our research via the internet through our educational blog Underwater2Web as well as through numerous newspaper, radio and television features on our work including: The Garden Island Newspaper, The Honolulu Advisor, Mid-Week Magazine, KKCR, KHON, KGMB and CNN.

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